The Ivory Sea

Rocky Landing Doesn't Even Cover It

In the home stretch of a low-risk smuggling assignment to The Woodrun Isles, the crew of The Snow Wren run afoul of a starving Sickle Tail pursuing a flock of avian prey. The beleaguered beast was handily dispatched by the three crewmen, but in it's death throes the Sickle Tail severed a vital piece of rigging, causing The Master Of Tops to act quickly, stabilizing the pitching hull, but sending some vital amounts of cargo tumbling overboard and into the cloudscape.

Butchering the fallen creature in an attempt to recoup their losses, the crew was nevertheless in steep debt to one Edmund Oxsley, who's cargo they'd lost the majority of. The proprietor of The Knotted Plank was kind enough to allow Ursa and her crew to work off the debt on-island with only the exchange of her Port Papers as collateral. Having being pointed in the direction of the Nature's Nectar Bar, the local watering hole.

After navigating tumultuous social waters with a ("""""somewhat embellished""""") retelling of their encounter with the sickletail, Olly managed to secure an informant job for a young native by the name of Spruce against the Azure Crest Trading Company while Ursa negotiated a position of employment with the ACTC themselves. After putting on a show of feigned belligerence to keep themselves in the good graces of the locals, The Crew retired to their ship to rest (and sober up, in Alex's case) for the coming day.

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