Alex Campbell


Refresh Rate: 4
Physical Stress: [] [] [] []
Mental Stress: [] [] []



  • High Concept: Cyborg in league with Artificers
    Alex worked in the Cirrus islands for a Prosthesis company testing new limbs with Artificer twins Isaac and Isabelle. The twins are responsible for fitting Alex with their limbs, along with data collection.
  • Trouble: Stolen Product
    Alex’s prosthetic legs are not only visually peculiar, they’re also the only ones of their kind, and their original owners want them back.
  • You Won’t Have Died In Vain
    Alex’s friend, Lucas, died throwing off Alex’s pursuers, and Alex would do many things to assuage their guilt over the event. Their pursuers have framed Alex for Lucas’s murder.
  • Monkey On The Rig
    Their natural dexterity combined with their unique prosthesis allows Alex to perform impressive, if not overly flashy, feats of mobility.

4- Athletics
3- Physique, Fight
2- Will, Notice, Provoke
1- Deceive, Empathy, Drive, Investigate


  • Robo Legs: +2 to create advantages with Acrobatics
  • “I’m Wanted”: When you create an advantage, you may use a free invocation to become the target of a character’s next action.

Alex Campbell

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