Islands of The Ivory Sea

The floating islands that dot the endless cloudscape of The Ivory Sea are categorized into three separate groups based on each landmass' altitude with Cirrus islands being the highest, Alto islands hovering in a large middling expanse, and Strato islands comprising the lowest caste of islands, some of which are even partially submerged into the Ivory Sea itself.

The islands' altitudes have the side effect of maintaining some degree of class exclusivity in the Cirrus levels. The comparatively thin atmosphere of the Cirrus islands require expensive and specialized airship modifications to be traversed, limiting the islands' residents to the extremely wealthy, or the well-connected.
Most of the successful Trading Companies and governing bodies manage their empires from Cirrus islands, even if the majority of their holdings and territory are on Alto or Strato islands, as their superior airships make such a task feasable from the higher airspace.

Strato islands conversely are considered to be decidedly of a lower class that the other two strata. Their foggy skies and proximity to the all-obscuring cloudscape make them ideal for fugitives from the law to lie low, making them cheap, if not dangerous places to make one's home. Piracy runs rampant in the lower islands, none moreso than the landmasses level with the Ivory Sea itself, where cheaply made StratoSkimmers can ferry pirates and scavengers alike on top of The Sea's denser atmosphere. Unsurprisingly, it's quite easy to find black market trading in the Strato islands, as wrecked or otherwise disabled airships usually end up in their airspace to be stripped of their valuables and trade goods.

The Alto islands in comparison comprise the most varied mix of class and culture in it's population, being neither too high up to prohibit travel to and from the most populated hubs of trade, nor too low to present an easy target for violent criminals. Cirrus and Strato natives alike regularly make trips to the largest Alto islands, and indeed many decide to make the plentiful landmasses their home. That said, Alto islands are most meddled with by the Cirrus Trading Companies and the territorial disputes they bring. It isn't uncommon to have entire islands change owners many times over a year's time, all for the sake of trading rights, to say nothing of the various governing bodies and their land squabbles.

Islands of The Ivory Sea

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