Ursa Gundsdöttir


Refresh Rate: 3
Physical Stress: [] [] []
Mental Stress: [] [] []



  • High Concept: Firm, but Fair Bosun
    Being an experienced bosun of some renown, Ursa’s skill at her job speaks for itself.
  • Trouble: Terminally Ill
    A foul sickness taking root in her body has left Ursa’s future shaky at best, not to mention limiting her employment options.
  • I must repay Quincy for his kindness
    Being given shelter and capital to purchase her own ship, Ursa owes a lot to the aged barman.
  • Greasin’ the Wheels
    Ursa’s profession makes her quite adept at motivating action, but that variety of exchange is a two-way street.

4- Drive
3- Rapport, Provoke
2- Will, Fight, Notice
1- Physique, Athletics, Investigate, Empathy


  • Well Qualified: +2 to Rapport with those involved in her chosen profession (e.g.: sailors, merchants, seafarers, etc)
  • Armor of Fear: Use Provoke to defend against Fight attacks ONLY the first time you’re dealt stress in a conflict.
  • Leaf on the Wind: When you tie on a Drive check, it’s considered a success.

Ursa Gundsdöttir

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